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Disc & File conversions to suit Word etc on PC or Mac from .....

Support  for the Amstrad PCW

Amstrad PCW LocoScript & LocoFile

Discs & Spares

Atari ST & BBC 'B'

Help, Tips & FAQ's

Brother Word Processors

Tour Guiding

  Canon Starwriter & Starjet

'A' Team Tour Guides

 LocoScript & LocoFile PC  

Cruise Liner Shore Excursion Handling

PCW Mini Office Professional

Poldark Tours

Protext WP & Supercalc 2

Cornish Architects

Olivetti, Triumph-Adler

Silvanus Trevail

Sharp Fontwriter

Alfred J Cornelius

Word Perfect



Picture Gallery

Copy files from old 3" (CF2),
3" & 5" Floppy Discs

Footpaths & Suggested Walks
in Luxulyan Parish


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Specialists in Amstrad PCW LocoScript document conversions
as well as conversions from Canon, Sharp & Brother Word Processors  

Established 1986

Tel (01726) 81 22 57 





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Family History

Family Trees, Notes, Mini-biographies and Photos

  Beckwith Family of Hatton Garden, London

  Dean Family of Stow cum Quy, Cambs

  Sage Family of West Hertfordshire

  Surl Family of Gloucestershire


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