Disc Conversions, 
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 for Amstrad PCWs
 Disc & File Conversions from some other 
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LuxSoft of Luxulyan

 Venerable Amstrad PCW8256

My venerable Amstrad PCW 8256 from 1985

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Based in the parish of Luxulyan in mid-Cornwall just half a mile away from the Eden Project, LuxSoft has been providing a personal service since 1986 to both home and business computer users throughout Cornwall ... as well as over in England and as far afield as the west coast of the USA and even the Australian Outback!

We specialise in disc and file conversions from Amstrad PCW, Brother, Canon and other old word processors to Windows & Mac programs like MS Word & Kingsoft Office. Our professional approach, acceptance of known 'problem' and 'faulty' discs, budget prices, highly commended full instructions and after-sales support combine to make this a conversion service second to none.  

We also offer limited support & a few spares for PCWs. 

Here's a selection of what we can offer you -

  Disc & File Conversions to PC and Apple Mac from

 Amstrad PCW LocoScript (aka LocaScript in the USA)

 Amstrad PcW16 WP documents

Atari ST


Brother Word Processor .wpt format 

 Canon Starwriter & Canon Starjet Word Processors

 LocoScript PC, Loco Easy & LocoScript Professional

Mini Office Professional ('MOP') wp & spreadsheet files

Olivetti .iwp format

Protext from PCW, CPC or PC

Sharp Fontwriter

Smith Corona .pwp format

Supercalc 2 from PCW

Triumph-Adler .iwp format

WordStar, Word Perfect & other old PC WP software

Recover files from 5.25" and 3.5" discs to CD, Pen Drive or Zip

 Amstrad PCW Spare Parts & Discs 


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Please note that we are no longer able to offer PC or PCW Repairs


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LuxSoft of Luxulyan

Established 1986

"Clinging to the trailing edge of technology"

Tel (01726) 81 2257 

e-mail malc@luxsoft.demon.co.uk


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