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Read and edit your old Brother WPT files

 in MS Word on PC or Mac

courtesy of

LuxSoft of Luxulyan 

We can convert any size of Brother WPT file to suit Microsoft Word for Windows or Mac, MSWorks, Appleworks, Lotus Word Pro, Word Perfect and many more 

still from only 5 per complete disc !



LuxSoft has been performing this fully confidential and professional service since 1986 so please beware of amateur imitators who truncate files larger than 10k or use 'text only' (ASCII) transfers which lose all your formatting. Unlike others, we do accept faulty discs and will do our utmost to recover as much material from them as we can ...... 

We care about your valuable data ! 



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Please note that we do not provide any technical support, spare parts, consumables or other services for Brother Word Processors !



Some IT gurus advocate making Brother WP files readable by popular modern word processing programs like Word by using the Brother's own ability to create 'text only' (ASCII) files but this is very time consuming. It also means that you loose all your precious formatting, including all those lovely bolds, italics and foreign language accents.

More importantly, this solution obviously relies upon your PC or Mac having a floppy disc drive as well as of course the Brother still being in full working order !

By using the original Brother 'WPT' files, our fully confidential disc transfer service keeps your document formatting and the results are suitable for all popular word processing software on both PCs and Macs. However, if you do only have ASCII format files available, we can also convert these to Word etc format.

Full post-transfer support comes in the form of a comprehensive instruction & tips sheet plus free support by e-mail.


Disc & File Formats Accepted

We can accept .WPT and plain ASCII text (.TXT) files originating from PC compatible Brother WP's on the the following media:

  • 3.5" 720kb (MF2DD) & 1.44mb (MF2HD) floppy discs

  • Files saved via a PC on CD / DVD or Pen Drive

  • Ditto by e-mail, preferably as a Zipped archive

Please note that we cannot convert ..... 

  • spreadsheets, graphics and other non-wp files from later Brothers 

  • 240k disks from very early Brother machines 

Suitable Brother Models

The following models ARE suitable as they use discs compatible with our PC's -

  • LW Models LW35, LW350, LW450

  • LW700i, LW700ic, LW730i, LW750ic

  • LW800ic, LW810ic, LW830ic, LW840ic  

  • PN ("Personal Note") models PN8500 & PN9000

  • GW25

  • WP800MDS

  • WP1700MDS

  • WP5500DS

  • WP5600MDS

  • WP7000J  ('Wisperwriter')

  • WP7550J

  • WP7700CJ

  • Certain EM series models eg EM2050 use PC format discs but produce files that are in a special format. We can convert these subject to the loss of some formatting controls.

 Click here if your model is listed above (to skip the next bit) 

~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

Unsuitable Brother models  

Early models produced 240k discs which are not compatible with conventional PC's so, sorry, we cannot read & convert these. Models known to be unsuitable include :

  •  UK models - WP1 to WP70, LW1, LW20, and LW100.

  •  US models with a WP prefix and no suffix (no letters after the number) 
        eg WP3400 is not suitable (but
    WP1700MDS is OK)

so please do not send us any discs from these models !  


  • Advance payment for return postage will be required for any discs sent to us which come from these models.

  • Pivar in the USA ( can convert most old discs at around $40 each


If your model number is not listed above as being suitable or you don't know the model number .... 

It may be a non-UK model we haven't met before so do try the following test first:

Write-protect the disc by sliding the tab on the underside so that the square hole is OPEN then try loading it on a PC. If a list appears of files which end in .WPT, then you are in luck .... and you can either e-mail us the files or send us the disc .... but do not double click on any of the files to try to open them. 

If Windows says "the disc is not formatted, do you want to format it now?" do please say No!  

All is not yet lost though as the cause could be the type of PC you are using or the type of disc that's been used ..... please e-mail us giving the model number and the problems you are having so that we can send you a suitable instruction sheet.

~    ~    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Format of the converted files

We normally convert files to both Rich Text Format (*.Rtf) and Word 7 (*.Doc) as one or other can be read by all versions of MicroSoft Word, MS Works, Lotus Word Pro and even by the Apple Macs so beloved by the publishing fraternity.

However, we can also convert files to be suitable for Word Perfect, Windows Write and Wordpad.


Costs and Turnround

The base price is 15 for ALL the files on one complete disc no matter how many docs there are on board. 

The following volume prices assume that all the discs are error-free (fully readable):
  -  2  -  3 is 11.00 each
  -  4  -  5 is 9.00 each
  -  6  - 10 is 8.00 each 
  - 11 - 15 it's 7.00 each
  - 16 - 20 it's 6.00 each and 
  - 21 - 30 it's 5.00 each. 

For files sent to us on CD or by e-mail (as simple attachments or Zipped archives), prices are based on 7.50 per megabyte of uncompressed data but here too there are progressive discounts for quantities of 6mb or more. However, there is a minimum conversion charge of 15 (ie excluding any P&P or data recovery charges)

  • All prices quoted include e-mailing the results worldwide. 

  • For results on CD, there is no extra charge if the total conversion cost exceeds 35, otherwise the extra is 2.50 to addresses in UK & Europe (incl Republic of Ireland) or 3.00 to outside Europe. 

  • For results on a USB pen drive, these are free when conversion costs are over 70 otherwise it's an extra 4.50

For overseas customers, 1 currently translates to approx $1.40 US or 1.18 Euros. Please note that we can ONLY accept payments in Euros or Dollars as cash or via PayPal - bank transfers must be in Sterling ('GBP').

The conversion service is totally confidential and we aim to send back the results within 3-5 working days but for large batches of discs or at busy times it may be a little longer because our aim is quality rather than speed.


How & where to send us your data ....

- By e-mail attachment ...

  • If you have already copied the Brother files to your PC or Mac, the quickest and cheapest way of sending us the files is by e-mail (either as simple attachments or, preferably, a 'Zipped' (compressed) archive) to

  • If you have a floppy drive fitted to your computer but you are unsure how to go about copying over the floppies, please e-mail us at to ask for our 'How to E-Mail Brother files' help sheet.

  • When you e-mail the files, please also attach a completed Conversion Request Form or supply the requested information about you and your current computer.

- On Floppy Discs or CD's ...

  • If possible, please make a copy of each of the discs you wish to be converted and send us the copies, not the originals.

  • Please clearly number the discs

  • Click here to print out the Conversion Request Form to give us your details as well as how you would like the discs converted. 

  • The Conversion Request Form also gives advice on how to pack the discs and the postal address to which they should be sent (as a mailing label). . 

  • Please do NOT send any money at this stage - you will be invoiced on completion 

  • Post the package to us using the mailing supplied label. Please note that .....

    • Use of Recorded Delivery or Registered Mail is encouraged for valuable material & when disc copies cannot be made. To avoid missed deliveries causing delay & inconvenience, please OK this with us by phone or e-mail BEFORE using these signed-for services.  

    • Our postcode is not in the database used by Royal Mail (this is Cornwall remember!) so manual entry by a Post Office clerk may be necessary.

    • Postage rates in the UK go on thickness of pack as well as size and weight so even just a single floppy must go as a 'Large Letter'. To avoid Royal Mail's punitive surcharges, please ensure that all mail is adequately stamped.

  • By sending us data either in the form of discs or e-mails, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions of our service.

 What we then do ....

  • If we encounter any reading problems with the discs because they have become corrupted, we will spend a total 30 mins trying to recover as much data as possible for you (as per our Terms & Conditions). If the time needed exceeds this, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail to discuss options and the likely additional charges. 

  • The results are either e-mailed to you or sent by post on CD or Pen Drive accompanied by an invoice and a comprehensive set of instructions. These cover accessing the files in your PC or Mac's word processor as well as advice on editing & re-formatting the documents. 

  • Unlike other companies, we do NOT ask for payment in advance but we do ask for prompt settlement of the invoice. 

  • If after receiving the results you still want your original discs returned to you, this is done as soon as possible after your payment has been received. 

Customer Feedback

  • "Wonderful" 
  • "I thought that those files were lost forever" 
  • "Wonderful! Congratulations!" 

Contact Details


We care about your valuable Brother documents

Tel (01726) 81 22 57 



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