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Floppy Disc Data Recovery 
& File Conversions


Amstrad PCW & CPC
Brother Word Processor
Canon Starwriter & Starjet
Olivetti, Sharp & Triumph Adler WPs
and also many old PC word processors


Suit MS Word, Works etc on PC or Mac 



1 - Stand-Alone WP Floppy Disc & File Conversions

 Please select the computer / word processor that produced the discs & files :

for Amstrad CPC 

for Amstrad PCW10 / 8256 / 8512 / 9256 / 9512 / 9512+

for Amstrad PCW16

for Atari ST 

for BBC 'B' 

for Brother Daisy Wheel & Inkjet 

for Canon Starwriter & Starjet

for Olivetti 

for Sharp Fontwriter 

for Smith Corona PWP 

for Triumph-Adler 


For Amstrad CPC & PCW - Which program created the files ?

for Amstrad PCW LocoScript  

for Amstrad PCW & CPC Protext

for Amstrad PCW & CPC Supercalc 

for Amstrad PCW Masterfile 8000

for straight file copy of CF2 3" or CP/M 3.5" discs to PC


2 - Disc & File conversions from old PC wp programs

 Please select the PC word processing program that they come from :

for LocoScript PC /  LocoScript PC Easy 

for LocoScript PC Professional 

for WordStar & Word Perfect

for other programs


 3 - Data Recovery from 3" (CF2), 3" & 5" Floppy Discs

for straight file copies to CD, pen disc or e-mailed Zip 


We can accept payments by bank transfer &


The wrong way to do disc conversions !

PC's tend not to like Amstrad 3" discs in their drives!


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