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Amstrad PCW Masterfile 8000 (MF 8000) conversions:

The wrong way to do disc conversions !

PC's tend not to like PCW 3" discs in their drives!

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The Masterfile 8000 database program for the PCW ("MF8000" aka "MF PCW") was a very easy to understand so a popular database program. As such it was used extensively not only by home enthusiasts but also by small businesses and the voluntary sector too. However, like so many other PCW products, sales dried up so the authors switched attention to a PC version. This, though even better than the PCW version, could not compete against the likes of Microsoft in the global marketplace.  

The good news though is that data from the PCW version can be converted to PC for use by programs like Excel, Access, Lotus Approach, Microsoft Works and many more. Yes, we know that there's a bug in the Masterfile 8000 program which can make life very difficult if you try it yourself but we've cracked it!

The not such good news is that because each file conversion is very laborious and time consuming  (each file has to be converted individually through a three or four stage process using a PCW as well as a PC), our charges are a little higher than for LocoFile discs ... but still a lot cheaper than anyone else and certainly cheaper & easier than re-typing all the data!

Please also note that where relational databases have been used (eg a main database of invoices uses a customer code to access a separate database of customers in order to display their full names and  addresses), MF8000 cannot export this relationship. The constituent databases have to be exported separately and, if a PC database program is to be used, the relationships re-created.

Our conversion service is fully confidential and the results are suitable for the vast majority of DOS and Windows-based software. Full post-transfer support comes in the form of a comprehensive step by step instruction & tips sheet plus free support by phone or e-mail.

PCW Disc Formats accepted 

Our conversion system will accept Masterfile8000 .MFC and .MFP files on:

  • single and double density CF2 3" discs from the PCW 8256, 8512 and 9512

  • 3.5" discs (single, double and high density) from all flavours of PCW, be they 9256, 9512+ or 10, which had 3.5" disc drives from the outset, or older 8256/8512/9512 models which have been fitted with replacement drives.

PC Formats available for the transferred files

Masterfile Databases are normally converted to the 'Comma Separated Variable' (CSV) type of text file which can be very quickly and simply read by most PC database or spreadsheet programs including:

  • Microsoft Works

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsft Access

  • Lotus 123

  • Lotus Approach 

We usually also supply the results either as an Excel Spreadsheet (.Xls) or a Word table (.Doc).

Costs and Turnround

In view of the very considerable work involved, these discs are charged on a sliding scale according to the number of files involved: 

  • The minimum charge per disc is 10 which covers the first two files on the disc, irrespective of their size. 

  • Files 3-5 on a disc are 2.50 each

  • Files 6-10 on a disc are 1.75 each 

  • Files 11-15 on a disc are 1.25 each

For over this number, please call or e-mail for a quote.

  • There's a minimum conversion order of 15 (ie excluding any P&P, media or data recovery charges)

  • All prices quoted include e-mailing the results worldwide.

  • For results on CD, there is no extra charge if the total conversion cost exceeds 35, otherwise the extra is 2.50 to addresses in UK & Europe (incl Republic of Ireland) or 3.00 to outside Europe. 

  • For results on a USB pen drive, these are free when conversion costs are over 70 otherwise it's an extra 4.50

For overseas customers, 1 currently translates to approx $1.30 US or 1.20 Euros. Please note that we can ONLY accept payments in Euros or Dollars as cash or via PayPal - bank transfers must be in Sterling ('GBP').

The conversion service is totally confidential and we aim to send back the results within 3-5 working days. Our main aim though is quality rather than speed so for large batches of discs or at busy periods, it may be a little longer. Also our 'heritage' hardware and its operator are not getting any younger !

The procedure for sending us discs:

  • If you have access to a working PCW, it's best to make a copy of each of the discs you wish to be converted and send us the copies; you keep the originals. (If you do not know how to copy discs using DISCKIT, please click here for detailed instructions). 
    If you don't have a working PCW or the discs won't copy properly due to disc errors, please send us the originals.

  • Please clearly number the discs

  • Pack up the discs securely in an anti-static bag or wrap them in kitchen towel within a small cardboard container like a ribbon box .... then pop the pack in a "Jiffy" padded bag. Some CF2 discs were supplied in clear Perspex cases - please do NOT send these cases as they can shatter in the post and damage the discs!

  • Please also include a letter which:

  • gives your name, address, telephone number & e-mail address (if you have one)

  • says if you want the original discs back or not. If you do, please enclose a self-adhesive address label

  • notes any files you do NOT want converted eg the tutorial databases

  • the name of the PC Database or Spreadsheet program you intend to use.

  • indicates whether or not you have on your computer (a) a floppy disc drive (b) a CD ROM drive and (c) the WinZip file compression program.

  • Please do NOT send any money at this stage - you will be invoiced upon completion.

  • Post the package to us at :



New Road

St Blazey

Par  PL24 2SB

  • Use of Recorded or Special Delivery is encouraged for valuable material or when disc copies cannot be made. To avoid missed deliveries causing delay & inconvenience, please OK this with us by phone or e-mail BEFORE using these signed-for services.  

  • By sending us your discs, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions of our service.

What we then do:

  • If we encounter any reading problems with the discs because they have become corrupted, we will spend a total 40 mins trying to recover as much data as possible for you (as per our Terms & Conditions). If the time needed exceeds this, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail to discuss options and the likely additional charges.

  • The files are converted to your chosen PC format and the results either e-mailed to you or posted on a CD or Pen Drive as appropriate / requested. 

  • The results are accompanied by an invoice and a set of step-by-step instructions and useful tips. These describe in simple terms not only how to open and save the files in your PC's spreadsheet or database but also contain advice and tips on re-formatting files. 

  • If after receiving the results you still want your original discs returned to you, this is done as soon as possible after your payment has been received. 

  • Unlike other companies, we do NOT ask for payment in advance but we do ask for prompt settlement of the invoice. 


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