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Terms & Conditions of our Disc Conversion Service 

By sending us your discs or files, you are deemed to have accepted the following - 

1 - Payments  

  • Please ensure that all packages sent to us bear the correct postage as we reserve the right to refuse any for which Royal Mail demand payment of a surcharge. If we do decide to accept surcharged packages on the grounds of the security of your data, you will be invoiced for all charges imposed by Royal Mail plus any mileage costs we incur in retrieving the package from their clutches.

  • All work is done "on trust" - ie we do the work and you get the results before you have to pay anything - so we do request prompt settlement of invoices. Full details of the payment methods available (incl Pay by Pay Pal ! and direct bank transfer) will appear on the invoice sent with your results. 

  • Please note that because all our local bank branches have been closed, we can no longer accept cheques or crossed money orders. If this causes you great inconvenience, please contact us for details of cheque handling charges.

  • As stated on our webpages and on our Invoices, we can only accept direct bank transfers in sterling ("GBP"). If your bank cannot oblige, please use Pay-Pal instead.

  • If you have a problem paying, do let us know - LuxSoft is run by human beings, not accountants or computers. Otherwise, if payment has not been received within 30 days of the invoice date, we will levy (in common with other businesses these days) a late payment surcharge of £15. Invoices still outstanding after 60 days will then become subject to the current late payment legislation, the relevant interest rate being the London Inter Bank Rate (Libor) plus eight per cent, chargeable from the date of the original Invoice. We also reserve the right to publish names of defaulters on the Internet, pass details to credit reference agencies and engage the services of debt collection agencies.

2 - We care about your data - 

  • We take the utmost care with your discs as we know how valuable the data is to you but, in the highly unlikely event of any mishap occurring whilst your discs are with us, our liability will be strictly limited to the value of the media and not the perceived value of any data that may have been on the discs or for any consequential losses.    

3 - Corrupt Discs & Files

  • Quantity discounts are only applicable to error-free discs which can be transferred to PC in a single pass. Discs suffering from physical read errors or logically corrupted data which then require remedial action and/or individual file transfer are charged at the full single disc rate. Please note that this may have the knock-on effect of bringing the number of error-free discs in the batch down into a lower discount band. 
    eg if two out of thirteen discs contain errors, the 11-15 rate would still apply whereas if two out of twelve have errors, the lower 6-10 discount band would then apply.  

  • The good news is that the basic (non-discounted) rate includes up to 20 minutes spent recovering data & individually transferring files from a disc totally FREE OF CHARGE. Many common types of disc error can be overcome within this time span. 

  • However, when floppy discs do misbehave - particularly poor quality ones or those that have been badly stored - it is notoriously difficult to predict at the outset just how much data will be retrievable from the disc and how long it will take so what the total cost is likely to be. 

  • If the Free 20 minutes data recovery time allowed per disc has expired but it looks likely that all or most of the data can be recovered within another 20 mins, we will continue work without contacting you unless you have requested 'no additional data recovery to be undertaken' on your Request Form. We make a nominal charge (currently £10.00 per disc) for this additional work (in stark contrast to other companies who charge £150 per hour). 

  • Naturally, if the likely total time required is greater than 40 mins, you will be consulted before any further work is undertaken.    

4 - Use of our services by intermediaries 

Our budget-priced service is aimed at private individuals but we do welcome discs from intermediaries acting on behalf of the owners of the data. Examples include publishers who include the data conversion as part of a book publishing service, solicitors searching for evidence of wills, and computer businesses offering a conversion service to their customers. In all such cases, the following additional terms apply:

  • You must make it quite clear in writing at the outset that the supplied discs belong not to you personally but to a customer whom you will be directly or indirectly charging for the conversion service. 

  • Unless previously agreed to the contrary in writing, all results and any accompanying documentation must be passed to your customer without amendment and with all labels intact.

  • You also respect the copyright of all documentation and any other material supplied.

  • The confidentiality of the client’s data is assiduously maintained (apart, of course, from those files comprising the publication you have specific permission to publish).

  • Your client must not be charged for any data recovery or other allied work which we have done for you free of charge.

Publishers are kindly requested to include 'Word processor disc conversion by LuxSoft of Luxulyan' amongst the typesetting & printing data.


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